Fear of success !!

Last night I received a fantastic dream that gave me some amazing insight into my self limiting behavior …..
…… the dream was short and sweet !!

I was struggling to climb a huge ladder at the base of a mountain. As I was climbing the ladder people would be blocking my path and I would work my way around them and continue to climb until eventually I reached the summit.
From the top of the mountain the view was spectacular!!
I had never seen anything of the like before and yet instead of marvel at the magnificence of this spectacular view I sank to my knees and was fearful of the beauty!!

This particular dream was showing me that I have a fear of success!!
When I actually reached my goal of climbing to the top of the summit I was scared instead of embracing my achievement.
The dream was showing me that I was fearful of succeeding as others would feel inferior as a result of my success. Hence in the dream climbing the ladder of success above other
people.Classic tall poppy syndrome!! Note- there will always be people who will stand in your way of success if it makes them feel inferior!!
My lesson learnt from this dream is to embrace success!!
To allow others to either be inspired by my success or jealous …… I have no control over how others behave so be true to myself and to strive for my ultimate potential!!!!